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Product Viability Testing Lab

Learn if your product is production ready

Testing Product Viability

Creative Mechanisms is offering the services of our Product Viability Testing Lab. We are building custom machinery and test rigs to prove the functionality of both prototypes and finished products. If you have a product that you are launching and need to know how many activations of a switch can be made before failure for example, we will build a machine that will activate the switch and count the number of operations. Need to know the tensile strength of a part? We can measure the number of pounds of force it will take to break the part

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Product Development 

At Creative Mechanisms, our team of talented designers and engineers can build you a prototype based on your unique specifications and parameters. 

Product Testing

Once the prototype has been built, we can test the product in a variety of different scenarios to see how it will react in real-world situations and various environments. 

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