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After thinking there was no way to develop and prototype living hinges, Creative Mechanisms were recommended to me. I quickly learned they offer a rare and sought after service, ideal for any early stage prototyping through to production level injection molding. They were hands down the best external contractor I can recall working with. From their highly effective "BaseCamp" communication tool to keep me updated on their entire design process, CAD files, images and videos, to their unparalleled turn around time, I cannot recommend Michael and his team highly enough. I found it extremely refreshing to consult with a company that exceeded all of my expectations and delivered impressively high quality prototypes in a very short time frame. From the moment I engaged them, Creative provided me with a very transparent and honest service; I had full visibility into the work that was agreed upon and what Michael and his team were working on. I will, without a doubt, be coming back to Creative Mechanisms for any future prototyping of this nature, and pushing for my colleagues to do the same!

Carla Zampaglione
Mechanical Engineer

Creative mechanisms is the type of company that is hard to find. I’m glad I found them. They provided what they promised on a short notice, tight timeline, and with amazing precision. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them - without a doubt.

Hassan Mohamed
Principal Engineer
Edgewell Personal Care

I want to strongly recommend Tony Rogers and his design and engineering studio called Creative Mechanisms. If you need help protoyping or engineering a product, please check out this great firm. Tony helped engineer several products for me always on time and on budget. In every project, Tony and his team always made our product significantly better through smart suggestions and clever approaches to design. I am happy to provide more details. You can reach me at jeffreylynnslater@gmail.com or through my blog.

Jeffery Slater
Director of Global Marketing

Tony's company provided us with creative solutions to design problems on several new products. He and his team worked collaboratively with our team, designing, iterating, and prototyping to deliver on time, and on budget, the contracted work. Tony has a deep understanding of injection molded tooling and works to ensure the designs can be made successfully. Our company has worked with many design houses. Tony and his team equal any of these in terms of knowledge, speed and creative results.

Doug Powell
VP, Global Product/Technical Services, Contract Manufacturing
Reynolds Consumer Packaging at Reynolds Packaging Group

Tony Rogers, is a world renowned expert in ideation, concept development, new product engineering/development, prototyping, and bringing ideas to life. He has a unique and enviable ability to immediately connect with his clients ideas, and turn those ideas into realities. His firm is especially skilled at developing products that are economic to manufacture, yet offer high value.

Lee Falgoust
Strategic Business Development

We save our toughest projects for Creative Mechanisms. They understand our business and are pros at utilizing their technical creativity to consistently deliver effective and producible 3 dimensional mechanisms from our 2D designs. They literally translate our ideas into reality.

There are a lot of companies who say they can, Creative Mechanisms is one of a very few who really can.

1st Quote: Confidential
Senior Design Director

2nd Quote: Steed Sun

Creative Mechanisms is a nimble company that is able to react very quickly. They provide a high level of responsiveness. The team is able to turn around a prototype and prove out your design faster.

You can feel their internal energy, they are always excited about our projects. When you find a company like Creative Mechanisms, you stay with them. They are a one-stop shop.

1st Quote: Jason Stull
Stull Technologies

2nd Quote: Bob Auer
Stull Technologies

Tony and his team provided superb engineering services for rapid medical device design, prototyping and manufacture. His team worked as an extension of our team, and enabled our team to accelerate our project.

Creative Mechanisms is the best at making 'looks-like works-like' prototypes. They have the ability to take your concept and tweak it if needed to make your mechanism, and they do it amazingly fast.

1st Quote: Thom Kinst
Senior Core Team Leader
BD Medical

2nd Quote: Russell Cole
BD Medical

Tony has constantly delivered exceptional New Product Development for my projects while I worked at Tyco Toys, K'nex Construction Toys, Maclaren Juvenile Products, Disney Toys and Jakks Pacific Toys covering almost 20 years. He has always delivered on time and within budget. You can count on Tony to support your efforts with a beautiful working prototype to help sell your new products. I have also worked with Tony on new concepts that have been submitted to these Toy and Juvenile Product Companies by Inventors with similar excellent results. He demonstrates exceptional patience with Designers, Marketing, Inventors and Manufacturers. Finally, Tony is a very astute businessman and is constantly working on ways to expand and improve his operation. He keeps his business current with the latest in tools and technology.

Peter Santaw
VP Marketing, Product Development & Engineering
Multiple Companies

I would like to thank Michael and the team that worked on my light design. I came to them with a very minimal concept of what I wanted and they made the concept into a prototype in a very short time. They had the forsight to see possible issues I could have in the future and came up with solutions that will save me a redesign in the future. This is a TOP NOTCH COMPANY.

Craig Ebbeskotte
Slim Light Designs

I absolutely can not stop smiling, I can't believe I just watched one of my dreams come to life because of you guys. I wish I could describe this feeling. It looks and works incredible!

Corey Richardson
Entrepreneur & Inventor

Tony provides valuable design and development services associated with my consumer product projects. Follow through and detail provided by Creative Mechanisms allowed for my projects to be completed on time, in budget and with extreme detail to form, function and serviceability. It is my intention to continue to use Tony's services to help me advance forward in my product development company. A valuable asset to have in your pocket.

George Heropoulos
Pacific Eye Consulting

Tony is an exemplary account manager who maintains a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction. At the same time, he provides a creative work atmosphere for his associates, where great ideas are grown and rewarded. He was a great mentor to me during a formative time in my career, and I continue to leverage my experience at Creative Mechanism (formerly RJ Studios) in my current positions. I would recommend Creative Mechanisms to anyone who is interested in innovation, value and results.

Tom Haag
Data Integrity Process Expert
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

With Creative Mechanisms, you always know what you will get. I know when I open the box I will be excited. I know I will be satisfied and it will be made well.

Alan Amron