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Customer Testimonials

Learn what other clients are saying about Creative Mechanisms

Hassan Mohamed

Edgewell Personal Care

Creative mechanisms is the type of company that is hard to find. I’m glad I found them. They provided what they promised on a short notice, tight timeline, and with amazing precision. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them - without a doubt.

Lee Falgoust


Tony Rogers, is a world renowned expert in ideation, concept development, new product engineering/development, prototyping, and bringing ideas to life. He has a unique and enviable ability to immediately connect with his clients ideas, and turn those ideas into realities. His firm is especially skilled at developing products that are economic to manufacture, yet offer high value.

Senior Design Director


We save our toughest projects for Creative Mechanisms. They understand our business and are pros at utilizing their technical creativity to consistently deliver effective and producible 3 dimensional mechanisms from our 2D designs. They literally translate our ideas into reality. There are a lot of companies who say they can, Creative Mechanisms is one of a very few who really can.

Craig Ebbeskotte

Slim Light Designs

I would like to thank Michael and the team that worked on my light design. I came to them with a very minimal concept of what I wanted and they made the concept into a prototype in a very short time. They had the forsight to see possible issues I could have in the future and came up with solutions that will save me a redesign in the future. This is a TOP NOTCH COMPANY.

George Heropoulos

Pacific Eye Consulting

Tony provides valuable design and development services associated with my consumer product projects. Follow through and detail provided by Creative Mechanisms allowed for my projects to be completed on time, in budget and with extreme detail to form, function and serviceability. It is my intention to continue to use Tony's services to help me advance forward in my product development company. A valuable asset to have in your pocket.

Tom Haag

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Tony is an exemplary account manager who maintains a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction. At the same time, he provides a creative work atmosphere for his associates, where great ideas are grown and rewarded. He was a great mentor to me during a formative time in my career, and I continue to leverage my experience at Creative Mechanism (formerly RJ Studios) in my current positions. I would recommend Creative Mechanisms to anyone who is interested in innovation, value and results.

Alan Amron

Entrepreneur & Inventor

With Creative Mechanisms, you always know what you will get. I know when I open the box I will be excited. I know I will be satisfied and it will be made well.

Corey Richardson

Entrepreneur & Inventor

I absolutely can not stop smiling, I can't believe I just watched one of my dreams come to life because of you guys. I wish I could describe this feeling. It looks and works incredible!

Jason Stull

Stull Technologies

Creative Mechanisms is a nimble company that is able to react very quickly. They provide a high level of responsiveness. The team is able to turn around a prototype and prove out your design faster. 

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