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What You Can Expect From Our Classes

Learn how to launch a product by taking Creative Mechanisms Online Classes

How To Launch A Product

Our online classes will give you tangible strategies and tactics in how to launch a new product.

Learn how to manufacture a product by taking Creative Mechanisms Online Classes

Production & Manufacturing

Our classes will teach you about brining your product from idea through to production. 

Learn how to make a profit with your product by taking Creative Mechanisms Online Classes

Profitability & ROI

These classes will teach you how to calculate the return on investment for your product or project.

Who Should Take These Classes? 

Creative Mechanisms Classes are Perfect for new inventors

Inventors & Entrepreneurs 

These classes have been specifically designed for inventors and entrepreneurs who have an idea that they are looking to bring to market. If you are thinking about taking your product to the next level but have questions on how to get there these on demand classes are for you.

Engineering Students

Engineering students that have a product idea or concept that they would like to bring to market would benefit greatly from the content in this class. Learn real world lessons from our instructors who have spent 30 years in this unforgiving industry.

Creative Mechanisms Classes Are Perfect for Engineering Students

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