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Protoype Injection Molding

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At Creative Mechanisms, we interpret injection molded prototypes as several hundred to a thousand product pieces created from a single cavity, low cost mold.

These prototypes are made with the same manufacturing processes as the finished products from mass production but there are some significant differences in the mold itself and the processing of the parts. Because of those differences, the pricing of injection molded prototypes is often quite different from the pricing for mass production.

This free eBook will go deeper into the process of prototype injection molding and explain its many steps. Enjoy!


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At Creative Mechanisms, we consider there to be three levels of injection molding – prototype, pre-production, and mass production. We work on product design rather than product production, which means that we create prototypes instead of actual saleable, finished products. That line can get blurred, however, as a product gets introduced into the marketplace and starts to take off. Our clients often want to see the part in injection molded material instead of prototype material so that the end result is identical to the manufactured part. If the process moves this far, we make typically produce 300 to 1,000 parts from the same injection molded material used in mass-production.


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