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The Products By Design Podcast

Where product developers share their insights! 

Megan Verch

Product Development Process - Speed to Market and Manufacturing Considerations

Raman Narayanan

Developing clever algorithms and optimization on Semiconductor devices is crucial for the industry.

Jeremy Galten

Supplier partners make the dream work.

David Moore

A designer is succesful to the extent that is equal to the relationship with their manufacturers

Kyle Morse

Clear Communication

Delanie West

Being Super Creative in your approach to problem solving

Michael Miller

Licensing products from Inventors

Amy Wise

Sampling, Intra-department communication, Modern American Retail and Diversity

Patricia McCune

New directions in creative product development - Covid and beyond! How sustainability will be more important.

Sam Reiss

Describes his work on 3D printed Fluoropolymers and separating isotopes for the nuclear industry

Rakesh Anigundi

Be clear about your strengths, be honest about your weaknesses and take risks

Sabrina Chang Svec

Dont constrain yourself. Follow a process and clearly understand the end goals

'Aaron' Yuliang Deng

Making a product is not the ultimate goal, the goal should be solving problems and adding value to the customer

Jay Klubertanz

Get the decision making process down to the lowest levels but set clear boundries around time and money.

Hector Rodriguez

Provide some value added differentiation to your products.

Sagar Chaudhari

Testing ideas quickly to expedite product development.

Samia Hossain

Minimalism. Not to manufacture to meet sales target but to meet user needs.

Fernando Albertorio

Including accessibility in product design.

Steven Lentz

Consumer Product Development from a Design Engineers Perspective

Daniel Torres

Take risks, invest in R&D and avoid developing "me too" products

Chinmay Narwankar

Different stages of product development, challenges faced, dynamic nature and adaptability according to the changes in the requirements and project control

Jack Wilson

Getting businesses to change their processes so they can use a new product.

James Wilson

Getting businesses to change their processes so they can use a new product.

Jay Patel

Product Development, Tooling and Manufacturing

Richard Kase

Finding the right balance between structure and flexibility for your organization.

Alberto German

Problem Solving

Stephanie Whalen

The more empathy and education shared between manufacturing and product development teams, the better the results.

Daniel Goodland

Use in house 3D printers to speed the development process

Ace Glen Garcia

Make sure that your solutions are optimized and not compromised

Dan Johnson

Have pashion for what you do

Jasen Mehta

As an industrial designer, I look to work with manufacturers that embrace an attitude of experimentation

Drew Falkman

The best way to get better is to stay curious, get excited about things and to build stuff

Seth Webster

Lean practices

Srikrishna Srinivasa Chittur

Democratization of engineering simulations for accelerated product innovation.

Prerana Jha

Build Products with Innovation that solves problems and add all the latest technologies to your products

Devyn Zillmer

The best teams communicate well so ask questions and don’t be afraid to fail

Helder Mandingo

US Manufacturing, automation and diversification are going to grow.

Benjamin Anderson

The impact of IoT on the manufacturing environment

Katie Lim

Dont underestimate you factory partners

Matt Abbondanzio

Identify the right problem to solve

Casey Grage

Trial and Error

Aristides Pena Nova

Design for Manufacturability

Muhammed Hamdan

Keeping manufacturing running during this Pandemic

Gary Jackson

Create a Community and Partnership with your suppliers and customers

Arash Samimi

Systems Engineering is the secret sauce for building a complex product.

Vikas Malhotra

Product Development and Innovation

Robert McMichael

Designing Industrial Rental Equipment for the Unknown

Becky Beier

Valuing your people

Erwin Nell

Encourage Empathy and Passion

Brandon Countee

Think long term with resources

Amin Hasani

Decentralized production

Nicholas Nadeau

Additive Manufacturing

Maritza Cartaya

Prioritisation is the best ally of a PM

Caleb Dykema

Dont be afraid to look for resources that can be helpful to you through every step of the process

Erik Gjovik

Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry

Erik Gjovik

Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry

Tressa Daniels

The value of human factors

Christopher Bellamy

Consider all aspects of a products lifecycle into the design phase

Doug Hall #9

Make Stuff that Matters by using a Systematic approach to Innovation

Doug Hall #8

Make Stuff that Matters by using a Systematic approach to Innovation

Doug Hall #7

You need to figure out how to take your company digital

Doug Hall #6

Reboot and Restart NOW IS THE TIME!

Doug Hall #5

Make Stuff that Matters by using a Systematic approach to Innovation

Doug Hall #4

Life-cycle Curve of a Business

Doug Hall #3

Using a Systems approach to Innovation

Doug Hall #2

Converting a Whiskey Factory to Make Hand Sanitizer

Doug Hall

Make Stuff that Matters by using a Systematic approach to Innovation

Ryan Vinyard

Prototype early and often and talk to your users

Dan Dohman

Don’t let policies and procedures become detrimental to your project

Andre Stone

Stay creative throughout the entire development process

Brian McLean

Plan for all of your testing up front

Sebastian Gutierrez

Executing on Short, Medium and Long Term Goals

Anna Serra

The importance of incorporating design thinking at every level of product development.

Matteo Forgione

Work on your Collaboration with your Sources and Customers

Patricia Franco

The Importance of Leveraging a Cross Functional Team

Alejandro Ramírez Solano

Focusing your designs on users needs

Adam Gosik-Wolfe

Get people on the shop floor involved in the development process

Torence Lu

The advantages of starting with quick sketches as opposed to jumping right into CAD

Tim Conrad

The importance of an internal training program for engineers new to the field

João Vinícius Rizardi Martins

Products should be developed to meet your consumer needs, not your organization's.

Anthony Ighomuaye

Adapting to rapid change and finding solutuions quickly

Aaron Cook

Importance of getting good customer feedback and data

Atul Patel

Being open to outside innovations, product developers.

Nick Johnson

The use of new technologies to help startups succeed

Josh Valenti

Reduce Functional Barriers for Improved Productivity

Ben Ravenscroft

The success of products comes from listening to customers

Carlos Arturo Padilla Pons

Automation Fallacy

Emmett Hummel

Good communication leads to better products.

Brad Sheffield

Design For Manufacturing and Assembly

Timothy Holman

Make it Simple, Make it Pretty and make it Work

Calvin Manthey

Green Sustainability

Tomasz Giba

Good Communication Solves All Product Development Issues

Michael Bruce

Alignment of Goals to achieve success

Marc Vivant

Be willing to create products that fail but move the needle forward.

Stephen Bruce Wong

Targeted Automation

Prasanna Bhamidipati

New Product Developemnent

Carlicia Layosa

Configurable components are the new custom.

Jacob Marino

Creating Products that Make a Difference

Justin Tehrani

Innovation and product development insights

Jeremy Nelson

Organizational Focus and Team Empowerment

Al McGovern

Problem Solving

Joe Stasis

Entrepreneurship and Product Development

Sean Moore

Streamlining prototype to production parts.

Prithvi Kumar

Lean Product Development

Abid Hussain

Product Marketing & Agriculture Value Chain

Samim Safaei

How Product Development has changed for Startups

Jim Dyal

Using Product Management tools in the development process

Benjamin Hilborn

Scaleable Product Development

Denise Pliskin

A great product idea does not neccesarily deliver a great product

Santiago Yepes Gallo

Balancing Aesthetic Design with the Schedule

Anand Shankar

Collaboration with engineers

Joe Duerr

Selecting a Vendor

Thomas Alheidt

Preventing Product Drift

Paul Vizzio

Quoting Process

Jacob Morrise

Balancing quality and cost