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Our Process for Prototype Development:

Evaluating & Executing Projects 

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The Initial Meeting

The primary purpose of this meeting is information gathering. Our job is to listen and to discover the details that matter so we can use our technical expertise to design around the over-arching objectives. Additionally, we will provide you with information about the invention commercialization process, as well as an evaluation of your concept. This conversation is more about determining the odds of seeing a return on your investment than exploring technical issues. Not all projects will proceed beyond this point, and we do our best to ensure all parties leave on the same page. 

Team Meeting and Brainstorming Session

Team Brief 

If all parties agree to proceed further, the next step is a team briefing and brainstorming. Our design team considers functionality, overall objectives, and potential challenges through a highly iterative process. Even our workspace is designed such that an individual engineer is able to draw on the knowledge of the entire team when stuck on a particular project detail!


We leave time for team members to reflect and internalize the challenge at hand. The brainstorm-to-absorption process inevitably leads to further review and discussion. We believe strongly in both iterative design and also thoughtful preparation so as not to start too far down a non-productive design path. 

Absorbing Information And Coming Up With A Plan
Prototype Project Plan of Execution

Plan of Execution

We develop a plan of execution that includes assigning people to various tasks and projecting an overall course of action. Then we share our plan with you, the client, so you can provide input and approval. The lead designer is responsible for directing iterative ideas, and is also responsible to the client for project updates and for taking further input. There are no middlemen at Creative Mechanisms: our clients communicate directly with the engineers designing their projects. 

Alternative Generation and Advanced Brainstorming

Many minds are more powerful than one. On complex projects, we pool our talents and considerable expertise to offer you several alternative ways forward. We will confer with you to decide which path makes the most business sense.

Creating Alternatives & Options

Executing Design, Engineering, Prototyping


Literally watch your idea come to life! As we work through the design process we will post videos, diagrams, and illustrations that allow you to monitor our progress and provide input. Our designs are thoroughly tested in SolidWorks CAD using mold-flow software to ensure there aren't unexpected hiccups in production. The transparent design process at Creative Mechanisms ensures there won’t be any surprises when we finish the project. Click below to see the process in action!


The Big Wow

The fully-functional model is delivered. Most jobs that get shipped represent a significant investment for the client. We want the experience of receiving that product of that investment to be a memorable one. Of primary importance is that the project arrives undamaged. The experience of unpacking should then be enjoyable. We never use packing peanuts and never put tape on bubble wrap...it’s like Christmas!

Delivering A Fully-Functional Prototype