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What our Process Looks Like

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Creative Mechanisms Team Brief


At Creative Mechanisms we bring together a focused team of designers and engineers to brainstorm the best solution to your product. Our collaborative process and diverse skills allows for non-traditional problem solving that takes your product concept to the next level.

Creative Mechanisms Team Brief


With 30 plus years of product development, our team knows how to design mechanical products for mass manufacturing. Our expertise of:  mechanism design, low-cost production and managing tight timeframes ensures success. 

Creative Mechanisms Thinking About Your Project


Our collaborative design approach shortens the problem solving process during the iteration phase. We develop prototypes, evaluate them and improve them with full transparency to the customer. Our personnel put ego aside, work together and engineer for the greatest product outcome.

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Customer Testimonials

Creative mechanisms is the type of company that is hard to find. I’m glad I found them. They provided what they promised on a short notice, tight timeline, and with amazing precision. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them - without a doubt.

- Hassan Mohamed, Edgewell Personal Care

Creative Mechanisms, is a world renowned expert in ideation, concept development, new product engineering/development, prototyping, and bringing ideas to life. He has a unique and enviable ability to immediately connect with his clients ideas, and turn those ideas into realities. His firm is especially skilled at developing products that are economic to manufacture, yet offer high value.

- Lee Falgoust, Pexco