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At Creative Mechanisms We Work With Organizations from Around The Globe

About Our People

Our engineering firm specializes in designing, engineering and prototyping injection-molded mechanical products, primarily for the consumer market. We have a great team of engineers who work together to invent wonderful solutions to mechanical problems. To a much greater extent than at most firms, our group of talented individuals really works as a unit of one.

Our Core Values

At Creative Mechanisms We have a highly competent team that works on your projects


Five Heads are better than one. You will get perspective and input from a team of creative people that feed off of each other's ideas and input. Take it from the CEO, Tony Rogers: "this is the best group of talent I have had in my 30 years in the business. They respect each other, get along well with each other, and are willing and anxious to collaborate with one another in order to ensure projects succeed for our clients."

At Creative Mechanisms We Are Always learning as the technology landscape changes

Lifelong Learning

Our team has a lot of industry knowledge and technical expertise. While experience is important, so too is the desire to improve our skills and continually advance. We work hard to stay current with cutting-edge industry methods and materials. Both our company and our clients benefit from working with knowledgeable people that make a committed effort not only to stay current, but to advance. 

At Creative Mechanisms we operate with the highest integrity for our customers


Much of our work is determining how to do something that has never been done before. While you can do this type of work on a fixed quote sometimes, we prefer to work on a time and materials basis. When we put time into a job you want to be sure that every hour charged has added value and has brought you, our client, closer to your goals. We are honest about our time and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

At Creative Mechanisms We Give Our All To Every Project We Work On


We believe in excellence. Doing our best work is a given and while we are happy with a job well-done, we strive to constantly improve. Clients reap the reward through innovative products, shorter development and production cycles, and mistake-free production processes. You will bring products to market faster and for less money if you are working with the best.

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