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Innovative Solutions To Your Product Development Problems

Your Problems, Our Solutions

Companies that are looking to improve the level of innovation within their development process are typically coming to us because they are:

  • Frustrated with the same approaches to every problem
  • Lacking differentiation of their product from their competition
  • Wanting creative mechanical solutions that provide a better product experience
  • Wanting different thinking for lowering product cost

Creative Mechanisms Solutions

  • Deep experience in mechanism development - we know thousands of ways to solve a problem
  • Breadth and depth of experience in hundreds of industries - we know solutions that may not have been applied to your industry
  • Philosophy and structure built around collaboration - many smart people with different perspectives working together to solve your problem
  • Not limited by lack of manufacturing knowledge
  • See our innovation and creativity in action with Basecamp updates and full transparency on every project
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Tom Haag

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Tony is an exemplary account manager who maintains a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction. At the same time, he provides a creative work atmosphere for his associates, where great ideas are grown and rewarded. He was a great mentor to me during a formative time in my career, and I continue to leverage my experience at Creative Mechanism (formerly RJ Studios) in my current positions. I would recommend Creative Mechanisms to anyone who is interested in innovation, value and results.

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Innovation FAQ's

Organizations that are frustrated because they are getting the same approaches to every problem.

Creative Mechanisms can hlep you build features into your product that help differentiate the product from the competition.

Yes. With years of design, and engineering expertise Creative Mechanisms know how to build products and prototypes with fewer components that will help you to eliminate cost.

Yes. Creative Mechanisms has worked in hundreds of industries over the last 30 years. Their expertise in mechanism design is industry agnostic.