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Image Gallery

The Creative Mechanisms Team At Work

  • Alyssa Jackson CAD
  • Gary Reuther CAD
  • Shu Amano CAD
  • Mike Creighton Solidworks
  • Art Klotz CNC
  • Gary Reuther Engineering
  • Creative Mechanisms Project Overview
  • Tony Rogers and Mike Creighton CAD
  • Creative Mechanisms Design Meeting
  • Creative Mechanisms Brainstorming
  • Creative Mechanisms Mechanism Designers
  • Creative Mechanisms Prototype Designers
  • Creative Mechanisms Engineering Project Discussion
  • Creative Mechanisms Work Floor

Our Machinery: Digitally Integrated CNC and FDM Machines (3D Printers)

  • VMC 2016L CNC Machine
  • Computer Numerical Control UI
  • CNC Machine User Interface
  • CNC Machine Made in USA
  • Single Tool CNC Machines
  • Single Tool Programmable CNC Machine
  • Stratasys FDM400mc machine
  • Stratasys FDM400mc 3D printer
  • Stratasys FDM400mc User Interface

Computer Aided Design Work

  • Prototype Mechanism Levered Basket
  • Prototype Mechanism with opening basket
  • Prototype Gears and Handle
  • Computer Aided Design For Child Safe Bottle With Living Hinge Lid
  • CAD Design For Hinge Release Mechanism on Child Safe Bottle With Living Hinge Cap

Our Prototype Work

Most of our designs are protected by non-disclosure agreements. Here are a few small items we have created just for fun that we're legally allowed to share.

  • CNC Design For Creative Mechanisms
  • CNC Signature Work By Hand
  • FDM Rapid Prototype Plastic Parts
  • ABS Plastic Prototype Parts
  • ABS Prototype Plastic parts
  • Glock Pistol Magazine Autoloader Prototype For Rapid Reload
  • Prototype Project For American Combat Veteran - Glock Pistol Autoloader
  • Injection mold tool for prototype tank toys
  • Injection molded tank toys
  • Injection Molded Toy Tank Prototype Parts
  • Living Hinge Mechanism Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene Machined CNC Living Hinge
  • White Living Hinge Device
  • Single Hand Actuated Child Safe Living Hinge
  • Living Hinge Cap Side View
  • Four piece child safe bottle with novel living hinge opening mechanism
  • Child Safe Bottle Cap With Prototype Living Hinge
  • 3D Printed and CNC Machined ABS Prototype For Water Tight Bottle With Child Safe Living Hinge Cap From Polypropylene
  • Six Piece Air Tight Child Safe Bottle with Living Hinge CNC Cut From PP Plastic
  • Prototype Mechanism By Creative Mechanisms

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