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Quick Solutions to Your Product Development Problems

Your Problems, Our Solutions

Companies that work well with Creative Mechanisms are typically developing mechanical product on a regular basis. They are often juggling multiple projects at one time and under pressure to get them all done quickly. Before adding us as a resource they developed product internally, with another vendor or with their overseas factory. They came to us initially because there was a problem that their current resources were struggling with, and they needed to find a solution quickly. Examples of the types of problems clients bring to us are:

  • Mechanical problems on a product that they couldn’t get to function properly
  • High production costs are impacting their market share or profits
  • Deadlines for product Development are not being met
  • Testing multiple iterations of a design is taking too long.
  • Innovation and “out of the box thinking” in the concepting and ideation phase is lacking
  • Higher level prototyping is needed to more confidently prove out designs before tooling
  • Design for Manufacturing needs improving to reduce the back and forth with the manufacturer
  • Transparency as to what is happening during the development process is lacking
  • Communication between all parties involved is poor

Our clients will tell you that over the 32 years that we have been in business we have developed the necessary skillset to solve these problems:

  • A culture of innovation and creativity at every level of our development process
  • A collaborative process and facility layout that drives constant exchanges between our engineers, so every problem is resolved by a team and not one individual
  • Mechanical Expertise - our engineers have worked on thousands of projects, building a huge library of experiences and solutions that they can bring to your project
  • “Product Fashion Industry” experience where a new product line needs to be developed every year is foundation to our history. Working fast and developing for low cost production is part of our DNA.
  • Engineering knowledge, the depth of our or mechanical solutions and the quality of our prototyping is “Next Level”
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Bob Auer

Stull Technologies

You can feel their internal energy, they are always excited about our projects. When you find a company like Creative Mechanisms, you stay with them. They are a one-stop shop.

Russell Cole

BD Medical

Creative Mechanisms is the best at making 'looks-like works-like' prototypes. They have the ability to take your concept and tweak it if needed to make your mechanism, and they do it amazingly fast.