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This offer has been discontinued due to repeated cyber attacks. If you are a serious business in search of living hinge prototype production and would like a sample, please contact Tony Rogers at 215-788-4566


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Interested in PP Living Hinges? Here's a Sample:

Creative Mechanisms has developed a proprietary methodology to machine a single piece of Polypropylene (PP) into living hinge prototypes (previously thought to be impossible). This is an extremely useful functionality for testing novel living hinge geometries prior to injection molding.

polypropylene (PP) pouch or card holder prototype top_view
polypropylene (PP) pouch or card holder prototype snap_hinge_view
polypropylene (PP) pouch or card holder prototype side_view

What's The Alternative?

Without these prototypes you must design and produce expensive injection mold tooling in order to get realistically functional prototypes from an injection molding machine. Using the CNC machine prior to this step helps you determine design short-comings without the huge expense of steel or aluminum tooling and without the risk that you'll have to redesign the part after initial injection mold shots.