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Making Product Design Profitable and Predictable


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It's the #1 resource of product design decision makers - entrepreneurs, VP's, project managers - anyone who is accountable for the financial outcomes of a product. Tony Rogers guides his readers on a brief but pivotal discussion of the processes that:

  • Preemptively decrease risk in the design and engineering process
  • Introduce opportunities to limit manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance
  • Create a sense of stability and clarity throughout the design and engineering process

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Other Design for Manufacturing Resources

new_productAt Creative Mechanisms, we have centered our design philosophy around the principle of design for manufacturing (DFM).

Manufacturing is the single most influential step of the product design and engineering process. It's where the consequences are most significant and the solutions are most expensive. By approaching every step leading to manufacturing through the DFM lens, our team is able to consistently anticipate manufacturing mistakes and setbacks that threaten to derail our clients' projects.

If you'd like to learn more about the process and philosophy that guides our success, continue your learning with these three resources:

  1. Why We Start with Design for Manufacturing
  2. Creating an Environment of Dependably Innovative Design
  3. What is an Industry Agnostic Engineering Company?