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Product Development & Consulting



At Creative Mechanisms, we pride ourselves on bringing you outside-the-box solutions for 

If you have an idea and need an effective way to bring it to fruition, we can help you through each phase of the process. We have a broad spectrum of possibilities for product development and consulting that can be tailored to fit your specific goals — and it all starts with an idea to market process using a design for excellence approach.your company’s products. Our product development and consulting firm utilizes Design for Excellence (DFX or DfX) methodologies with any project that our advanced engineering team takes on, resulting in more practical, eco-friendly, and cost-effective ways of designing and manufacturing your product. 


Our Idea to Market Process

new_productThroughout each stage, from product development and consulting to product design, we look for the most efficient solutions that will yield the best results once your product hits the market. Having a clear, step-by-step idea to market process that utilizes DFX is one of the ways that Creative Mechanisms helps you take your new product to the next level — bringing it from merely a thought to an innovative product that has a clear use and desire to be consumed.

Our team has seen various methods of product development for a multitude of industries. We rely on this experience to determine which approach will work best for your product, helping us take your idea to the next level using the best DFX strategies that have seen proven success. Our possibilities are endless — simply bring us your idea, and we can help you bring it to fruition.

Utilizing Design for Excellence

DFX involves considering all the different ways that a product can be used while making sure that it is a reliable, low-cost product that can pass any safety requirements. From maintainability to manufacturing to testability, our Design for Excellence strategies are thorough, ensuring that your product yields the best results and is one that will stand out from others on the market. 

More benefits of utilizing this strategy in your new product development process include the ability to reach the market quicker, a higher focus on analytics in the design phase, supply chain efficiency, and more manageable costs. Our DFX strategies are introduced early into the development and prototyping process so that we can make any necessary improvements to your product in the early stages so that manufacturing can be as seamless as possible.

Creative Mechanisms brings this mindset throughout the product development and consulting process to ensure better and safer products. When we prototype and design products with living hinges, as well as products with child-resistant packaging, DFX plays a significant role in going from an idea to a tangible product.

Find out more about our product development and consulting team and how we can help with your new product development by scheduling an appointment with us today.