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We Design Products With Injection Molding In Mind

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Through our manufacturing partners we are able to produce 300-1000 injection molded prototype units for testing purposes using single cavity aluminum molds. We can also help you move into full production of your injection molded product once the design and prototype are finalized. 

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The Value Of Reliable Design

Many of the products we design get produced in large, multi-cavity tools. To prove that our design is ready for manufacturing, we are often asked to produce an injection molded tool as well as injection molded parts.

Single Cavity Aluminum Injection Molding Tool

We produce aluminum or steel prototype injection molds and parts very quickly, often in a matter of a few weeks. These parts and product assemblies are used to verify the design, for consumer focus group testing, to send to product testing labs, and as sales samples that show your customer exactly what the final product will be.

The importance of getting the design right pre-production cannot be overstated. You can mass-produce our prototypes using Injection Molding processes without having to worry about costly mistakes in manufacturing. We take pride in our work.

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