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Advanced Engineering

CNC and FDM Expertise

Attention To Detail

Creative Mechanism's engineers are experts in designing mechanisms to meet your functional requirements. We've earned an international reputation for routinely executing even the most complex and rigorous mechanism design projects and we take pride in exceeding client expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

We apply scientific principles and years of mechanism and molding experience to each project, to achieve outcomes that will delight you. We also work with you to create a project plan that fits within your schedule.

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Square Tile Dispenser project from Creative Mechanisms

Customer Case Study

The Creative Mechanisms team is often asked by clients to quickly develop prototypes in order to prove a certain concept or justify a project’s validity.

One of our clients approached us looking for a breadboard model that could hold 100 small square tiles and dispense them four at a time.

The success of this project was a result of the cooperative effort of the Creative Mechanisms team. The tight deadline forced us to work together towards a simple and reliable solution.