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Product Design

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

How It Works

The design of a product is essential to the function, aesthetic appeal, and market value of a product. Therefore, Creative Mechanisms considers all the necessary details related to manufacturing from the very first stage of development to avoid production roadblocks, problems, and delays. Our creative team goes beyond the highly technical aspects of engineering by implementing functional and innovative solutions that look good, feel right, and deliver a sense of the highest quality.

Our team can pick up from where you started, or develop your product from the ground up. We work in the 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software SolidWorks which assists us with product design, simulation, cost evaluations, and much more, allowing us to visualize and engineer every part of your product to its necessary specifications. We also use SolidCAM software in conjunction with SolidWorks; so, as we update and change the part in SolidWorks, the design is immediately transferred to SolidCAM, resulting in more efficient part design and creation. Watch the video below for more details about the software we will use for your product design:

Our prototype models function at a high level so that they can serve as both the foundations for your product and sales, marketing, and promotional items. The prototypes we create would have been, at one time, merely ideas, concepts, or sketches; but, with our expertise, collaboration, and design prowess, the ethereal concept becomes a solid preview of the final manufactured product.

For more information on our prototyping process, visit our Prototyping page.


3Dimension Printing

FDM(3D Printers) for Rapid Prototyping

Working In Mastercam

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