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Designing Mechanisms To Meet Your Business Requirements

At Creative Mechanisms Our Core Competency is Design


We pay particular attention to the details that will matter most in mass production. All parts designed for injection molding are thoroughly analyzed with mold-flow software to identify air pockets and points of possible failure. It is better to design correctly the first time than to realize in production that you have made a costly mistake.

At Creative Mechanisms Our Core Competency is Prototyping


We are a design and prototype firm that specializes in developing prototypes that require some type of mechanical functionality. We work with different materials, however, we are particularly adept in plastics. While we use FDM machines in many cases, one of our unique skills is our proprietary process to machine a polypropylene living hinge on a CNC machine.

At Creative Mechanisms Our Core Competency is Engineering


We are industry agnostic. Our ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems is driven by experience in different verticals. We have developed a vast range of consumer and B2B products including medical devices, personal care and information-technology products, packaging equipment, toys, and housewares.

Working With Our Team

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Creative Mechanisms Square Title Project

Customer Case Study

Learn how Creative Mechanisms developed a breadboard model that could hold 100 small square tiles and dispense them four at a time. The tiles were evenly sized at approximately one inch square and a quarter inch thick, but they weren’t flat. Instead, their backs were cored out, making each tile look like an open box with no lid.

Things You'll Learn

  • Turn Projects Around Quickly
  • Produce Innovative Designs
  • Deliver Functional Prototypes