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Engineering Ideas Into Reality

Learn How we can bring your next product to completion

About Creative Mechanisms

Creative Mechanisms is an independent engineering firm specializing in custom solutions to mechanical design projects. We develop prototype mechanisms as simple as a living hinge and as complex as the limits of your imagination. We are a good fit for companies seeking engineering expertise and looking to develop mechanisms they can reliably bring to market at scale.

Our ability to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative mechanisms can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage. We react fast to customer feedback, efficiently test your innovations, and bring creative solutions to market more quickly and for less money.


Our Core Competencies

Custom Engineering Solutions from Creative Mechanisms


Our team generates creative solutions to difficult engineering problems. Learn More

Creative Mechanisms can help you design a product for your business needs


Designers specialize in Computer Animated Design using Solidworks. Learn More

Creative Mechanisms Can Design You A Functional Prototype


CNC and FDM machines transform your concept into a functional prototype. Learn More


Who We Work For

At Creative Mechanisms We Work With Product Inventors


We often get requests from entrepreneurial inventors who have an idea that they want to commercialize. We have a lot of experience in the invention field. We have licensed products and have brought several to market independently. We know how hard it is. We would love to share this experience with you.

At Creative Mechanisms We Work With Engineering Teams

Engineering Companies

We work well with larger firms whose engineering and/or corporate headquarters are set up to do business in the United States. If you're a market driven company that needs to manufacture high volumes of product, consider working with our team to develop and finalize prototypes that will be hassle-free in production.