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Next Level Design, Engineering and Prototyping 

Companies That Fit With Us

Companies that work well with Creative Mechanisms typically are developing mechanical products on a regular schedule. These organizations may have some engineering expertise in-house, however their primary focus is on project management and working with outside vendors to develop new product. Our clients put a high value on good communication, collaboration and transparency throughout the entire design, engineering and prototyping process.

Prospects come to us needing a greater level of innovative solutions, faster development times or better collaboration and communication than they are getting from their current sources. They will tell you that our culture of creativity, our experience and our mechanical expertise helped take them to the next level.


Our Core Competencies

Custom Engineering Solutions from Creative Mechanisms


Our team generates creative solutions to difficult engineering problems. Learn More

Creative Mechanisms can help you design a product for your business needs


Designers specialize in 3D computer aided design using Solidworks. Learn More

Creative Mechanisms Can Design You A Functional Prototype


CNC and FDM machines transform your concept into a functional prototype. Learn More

Carla Zampaglione


After thinking there was no way to develop and prototype living hinges, Creative Mechanisms were recommended to me. I quickly learned they offer a rare and sought after service, ideal for any early stage prototyping through to production level injection molding. They were hands down the best external contractor I can recall working with. From their highly effective "BaseCamp" communication tool to keep me updated on their entire design process, CAD files, images and videos, to their unparalleled turn around time, I cannot recommend Michael and his team highly enough. I found it extremely refreshing to consult with a company that exceeded all of my expectations and delivered impressively high quality prototypes in a very short time frame. From the moment I engaged them, Creative provided me with a very transparent and honest service; I had full visibility into the work that was agreed upon and what Michael and his team were working on. I will, without a doubt, be coming back to Creative Mechanisms for any future prototyping of this nature, and pushing for my colleagues to do the same!

About Creative Mechanisms

At Creative Mechanisms We Work With Engineering Teams

Our Company

Creative Mechanisms is an independent engineering firm specializing in custom solutions to mechanical design projects. We develop prototype mechanisms as simple as a living hinge and as complex as the limits of your imagination. We are a good fit for companies seeking engineering expertise and looking to develop products they can reliably bring to market at scale.

Our ability to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative products can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage. We react fast to customer feedback, efficiently test your innovations, and bring creative solutions to market more quickly and for less money. To book a time to speak with Tony Rogers, click here.